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Proudly serving the Catskill and Hudson Valley regions since 1993

The MOHS Surgical Procedure

There are many effective treatments for skin cancer that doctors and dermatologists rely on to heal their patients. But with all the technological advancements attributed to modern medical science, MOHS Surgery stands out about the rest in terms of reducing and eliminating skin cancer cells.

Developed by Dr. Frederick MOHS in the 1930’s, this micrographic surgical procedure removes a great majority of both Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas (BCCs and SCCs): the two most common skin cancers in people. Not only does it remove these cells, but is also proficient at safeguarding and preserving the healthy tissue around them. MOHS Surgery has an incredible skin cancer treatment success rate of 98% - which is leaps and bounds above other standard excisions and standard dermatology methods.

Why Is It So Effective?

MOHS Surgery is more effective than other treatments because of its incredible ability to examine all excised tissue DURING the procedure rather than after. This eliminates the need to “estimate” how far or how deep the skin cancer goes, and allows doctors to pin-point where the cancer actually exists. Using this data, our talented surgeons can remove the cancerous cells – one skin layer at a time – until the margins determine there are no cancer cells present. Modern MOHS Surgery also stains melanoma cells; effectively targeting them, preventing them from metastasizing, and keeps your body skin cancer free.

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